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2013 News Archive

All the old news from 2013 if you are curious enough to read it.


This semester of college is over, and thus begins my mad dash to getting more aviaries up so that I can get green peafowl and sepearate my current peafowl into their own breeding pairs. I am very excited and I hope I can get all of my bird chores compleated!


I wrote a new article: Rocking B-A-B Ranch

I wormed my peafowl with SafeGuard for 3 days and I am waiting 10 days to re-worm them for 3 days again. I worm my peafowl before and after the breeding season to insure that they all stay healthy.

Hopefully before the summer of 2014 I will have at least 1 new aviary and a pair of green peafowl in it. I am always thinking of what things to include in a new aviary. There are some things in my current aviary that just don't work so I am using this knowledge to help me make a better aviary. The new aviary I am working on now should be 20ft. by 60ft. I might make it wider than 20ft. but we will see.


I went to the Rocking BAB Ranch's Farm Day last week and had a ton of fun! I plan on getting some pavo muticus muticus chicks from them soon hopefully. I was going to get them Monday but after thinking about it, I shouldn't jump into getting such endangered birds before making sure I have a new aviary for them that is sturdy and safe so that raccoons can't get to them and also so that if the birds get spooked they won't hurt themselves. I am extremely excited and I can't wait to hopefully before the end of this year have green peafowl and add a green peafowl button & page to this website! The Rocking BAB Ranch has amazing birds!


Yesterday I sold Crooked Beak, a 2012 hatch peacock! Now I have only one more bird for sale at this time so hurry up and get him. The last 2012 hatch peacock is a smart boy and his mother is Damsel.


Site Update:

There are 5 new photos of some traditional art on my Art page. 1 is done in pencil and the other four are done in watercolors & pencil.


This year's UPA convention came to an end over the weekend. I really wish I could have gone! Maybe some day I will have a nice enough set up that people would want to have the convention here. I would love that! Right now I am such a small breeder that I wouldn't be impresive to all of these large scale peafowl breeders with 100's of birds. I don't plan on having a ton of birds, but I do plan on having very nice, big, planted aviaries and being a green peafowl breeder/conservationist.


I added a new article and I am thinking about making another peafowl video but I keep forgeting to make one. This year in college is very very busy so it might be a while before I make another video.

Unfortunately I cannot go to the United Peafowl Association's 2013 Convention that is this week starting on the 26th and ending on the 28th. I wanted to go so badly but I am too far away to attend and with it starting on a Thursday that is really bad for me because of college so it would be very hard to go. I did donate a funny close up photo of Peep for the auction and I might consider looking into the online option for the auction so even if you are not there you can still bid. I hope everyone going stays safe, has fun, and takes lots of photos please!


All of Ice's peachicks died from the extreme rainy weather we have been getting. My peahen Xena also died, but from an illness. I noticed she was acting sick so I gave her some medicine but she must have been sicker than I thought because the next day she was dead. Birds can be good at hidding illnesses so sometimes by the time you notice your bird is sick, it can be too late.

In better news, my two yearling boys are coloring out nicely as they get closer to being two year olds! I need to get them sold so I better get to marketing them more. They are both great young peacocks but I just don't have a use for them in my breeding programs because they are related to most of the birds.


We have been getting a lot of rain lately and I think that is what has caused two of Ice's three peachicks to die. I did not see any wounds on them so I think they got too wet or too cold. Ice has places to take them to escape the water so all I can do is hope the rain lets up.


I added a Boo For You page, which is about a bamboo garden that keeps birds as a hobbie. I also added a Monica page, which is about the bird breeder who I got my first peafowl from.

Yesterday I called Rocking BAB Ranch but I had to leave a message. They are probably busy so I will try calling maybe tomorrow.


Update of the Treats for Peafowl and Bird Man articles.

I finished a green peafowl drawing recently that I will have to get a good photo of and put it in the Art section.

I could not go to the BAB Ranch last week, and they have family coming this week so tomorrow I have to call to find out about when I can come visit. They told me that the green peafowl and high % Spaldings are the first to lose their train feathers. I am so excited to visit!


I plan to visit the largest peafowl breeder near me which is the Rocking B-A-B Ranch hopefully sometime this week. I am waiting for the manager to reply and see what day is a good day to visit. I am really excited to visit them because they have lots of peafowl and they have imported all three green subspecies so I get to see all three subspecies in one place!

I have submitted some photos of my boyfriend's peachick, Taco, to the UPA magazine Peafowl Today for their "Peachick Mania" Issue. We hope to see little Taco in the magazine!


I made this News page to give updates on what is going on around here! Recently I have been looking at areas for two new aviaries. When I make them I will document the progress and make an article about it hopefully.