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2014 News Archive

All the old news from 2014 if you are curious enough to read it.


Nothing much has been going on. Farm Day 2014 was great - it was last month so this is a pretty late news update but I was busy with college. Luckily this semester is over and I am hoping I can now focus on peafowl things now. My policy on shipping peafowl eggs has changed. I may ship a few peafowl eggs this year. Someone has already asked me, so they have first dibs. Around April is when I usually start getting peafowl eggs, so around April let me know if you want eggs shipped to you and I will see if I can do it.


The Rocking BAB Ranch's Farm Day is comming up quickly! It is November 1st! I am rushing to finish a 21'x60' aviary in the lucky chance that I can use the Farm Day to also perhaps get or talk about getting some green peafowl. Last year I wanted them but didn't have an aviary for them. So my want for green peafowl is driving me to finish this aviary as fast as I can. I ordered some toprite netting tonight for the aviary. I just can't wait to have everything built! I do need a good shelter though for the greens. They are more tropical than India Blue varieties so they need a decent shelter for the winter. I am still trying to figure out if the shelter can be just 3 sides or if it has to be a completely enclosed shelter. Wish me luck! I feel like I am really going to need it!


Today I got the September 2014 issue of the Peafowl Today magazine to find my article about treating mites on your peafowl printed in the magazine! This now means I have had an article of mine in the magazine 6 seperate times! For those of you who do not recieve the Peafowl Today magazine, it is a magazine you get when you join the United Peafowl Association. Speaking of the UPA, they are having their annual convention in Ohio this year, making it another convention too far away for me to attend. I have still not been able to go to a single convention but hopefully someday they will have one not so far away.

New Article - Pen Building Info


Due to yet another instance of someone using my photos, this time to sell a young peacock on craigslist, I have written an article about copying peafowl photos which explains the issues of using other people's photos to represent your own birds. Please, be an honnest seller. The peafowl are doing well. They seem to love this cat food called 9 lives. I recomend trying it with your birds. :)


*New Article*

Taming Peafowl

I am awaiting the weather to get better so that I can finish at least 2 new aviaries, although I would like to have 3 more! You can NEVER have too many aviaries, trust me!


*New Articles*

Transporting Peafowl & Peacock or Peahen?




The button is currently not fully working on all pages. I will fix that eventually. It doesn't get bright when you hover over it for some pages as well as it links to the peafowl page instead of the Aviaries page. The peafowl are doing well. :)


This is officially the end of the 2014 breeding season. No more eggs and just about no more trains. However, there is a copious amount of beautiful peacock feathers in clusters residing in the spare bedroom. As much as I love peacock feathers, I want these feathers gone! There are too many of them! Please consider buying some feathers!


Knowing When a Peafowl is Sick


The peacocks are shedding their trains and I have been working on the site a lot.


Feeding Peafowl & Fixing Crooked Toes on a Peachick

For Sale Page updated to contain information about buying feathers.


Unfortunately the Burmese Green Peafowl egg was bad. A few days after my previous News update it burst a little and gross stuff oozed out so I had to throw it out.


Mites On Peafowl & Catching Peafowl


The Burmese green peafowl egg is on day 17 of incubation. A week from today it will go into lockdown, which is where I stop turning the egg and add more water for extra humidity. From that point it will hatch in 3 or so days if all goes well and the chick is strong and healthy. I hope for the best! The second egg got too shaken up in shipping so this is the only egg that developed. My plans are to get a peachick as a friend for this Burmese if it hatches out. I will continue to pray that the chick makes it and hatches without quickly without help. It is very stressful having to help peachicks out of the egg so I hope I won't have to this time.


Due to finding a photo of Dragon (RIP) on another peafowl breeder's website, I am in the process of marking all of my photos on this site and also just doing a general update of most of the pages. I am sick of some people using my photos to market their own birds and not giving me photo credit, and even sicker to see photos of Texaspeafowl's birds on said website. So I am marking all of my photos. I want to let you all know that the photos I use are all of my peafowl, and if I ever show a photo of someone else's bird, I will say that it is not my bird, but I have yet to use a photo that is not mine on this site. In fact the only graphic on this site currently that is not mine is the UPA logo on my home page. Anyways, I just wanted to say why you will be seeing www.BambooPeacock.com on all photos now. Contact me if you find anyone using my photos on their site without credit.


I would like to give a shout out to Doug of DM Farms! He sent me a Burmese green peafowl egg to incubate and I got it this morning! Everyone please keep your fingers crossed and I hope the egg didn't get too shaken up in shipping. I also hope that it develops and hatches so that not only will I have my first green peafowl, but I will be able to document it growing up! I also read that Burmese greens are suposedly extinct in the wild, and the other two subspecies are said to still have wild populations so maybe it is best that I keep and raise Burmese greens. Thanks again Doug and everyone keep your fingers crossed that the egg hatches!


I set up a trail camera in the aviary and found out that I have a raccoon and a opossum visiting the pen at night unfortunately. Even a big bird such as an adult peacock has to worry about raccoons so I decided I had better make a predator article to mention predators. Here is the new article: Peafowl Predators


Today I sold Smarty! Smarty is a young peacock who is almost two years old. He was tough to catch up but once he was in the box he calmed down. I hope that he arrived or will arrive at his new home safely and I hope he fits right in. He has been a great young bird, but he was causing a little trouble with my white peacock, and I didn't need him for breeding, so I am happy to see him off.

Smarty is probably the last peafowl I will be selling for this year because I am only concentrating on selling eggs this year.


New article: Landscaping Your Aviary

I have been very busy sorry! Lots of things to worry about especially when it comes to aviaries. All of the peafowl are doing well although Snow White is laying soft eggs so I am working on upping her calcium.


Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and you are making a new year's resolution to get a bird from me! Haha just kidding about that resolution part...

Anyways, I have been slowly but surely working on the new pens. One is going to be 20 X 60 ft. and the other I forgot the size. I will have to remember to get photos so I can make a pen building topic!

I have updated several pages, in fact I added a page: Breeding Plan so go check that out! The peafowl page has been updated a little.

Don't let me forget this guys: When I eventually get to go get a green peafowl(s) I want to video the whole experiance from me going to get them, to getting them caught up and put in the dog box, to letting them out into their new home! I don't know when I will get them, but you will know when I have them because there will be at least 1 video, a new page for green peafowl, etc.