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Breeding Plan

2015 Breeding Plan

Name & Variety Age Parents Pen # Breeding To:
*Ice - India Blue Black Shoulder split to white 7 unknown 1  
Alto - India Blue 6 unknown 1  
Damsel - India Blue Pied 6 Mother - Dark Pied 1  
Snow White - India Blue White 4

Mother - Ice

Father - Dragon (India Blue pied RIP)

Peep - India Blue split to white or dark pied 4

Mother - Damsel

Father - Dragon (India Blue pied RIP)

1 Possibly Shyanne
Frosty - Spalding White 4 unknown 1  
Shyanne - Spalding White 4 unknown 1 Possibly Peep

Stay tuned for more changes to this Breeding! As you can see, I am hoping to add two new peafowl to my flock!

Documented Matings:

March 3rd - Alto & Snow White

March 6th - Alto & Snow White - Pictured below


2014 Breeding Season Plan

Name & Variety Age Parents Breeding To:
*Ice - India Blue Black Shoulder 4-5 unknown Alto
Alto - India Blue 4 unknown All Peahens
Damsel - India Blue Pied 4 Mother - Dark Pied Alto
Snow White - India Blue White 3

Mother - Ice or Damsel.

Father - Dragon (India Blue pied RIP)

Peep - India Blue split to white or dark pied 3

Mother - Damsel

Father - Dragon (India Blue pied RIP)

Frosty - Spalding White 3 unknown None
Shyanne - Spalding White 3 unknown Alto

I have all of my peafowl in one pen still so Alto, the domanant peacock, mates with all of the peahens while unfortunately Peep and Frosty do not get a chance to mate since they are not dominant nor are they as old as Alto and normally the older the peacock the more magnificent he looks.

*I have Ice listed as a black shoulder, yet because she is from the zoo and when she was bred to a pied peacock she hatched out a white, and two dark pieds (could have been split to whites), I have her under observation. I still wonder if she just stole these eggs from Damsel my pied hen.*

2014 Breeding Photos

Sometimes people go for years without seeing their peafowl mate. I have been lucky enough to see mine mate every year and this year I was able to get photos!

Why keep records of the peafowl?

Well, even if you are into keeping peafowl just for fun, it is good to keep records like these so that you do not have to remember all of the information about your birds off the top of your head. If you really like the looks of one of your birds but forgot who you got them from, you can reference your records and see who you got that particular bird from. Also if you keep peacocks and peahens, it is a great way to keep you from inbreeding your birds. Yes, some inbreeding can be okay, but it is best to try not to inbreed, yet when breeders are developing a new variety they often have to do a little inbreeding to get more of that new variety, yet even then they outcross eventually and they keep very good records.

Another good way of keeping records is to wing band and/or leg band your peafowl. This is something I am looking into and I am thinking about what kind of leg band I want to get for my peafowl, but it is a good thing to consider especially if you plan on free-ranging your peafowl and are worried about them running away. People can see their leg band and know they belong to someone, and since you can get custom leg bands with say a phone number, address, email, etc, they can contact you that way.



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