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Spalding White

Spalding peafowl are peafowl that have green peafowl blood mixed in them thus making them hybrids (they can reproduce). I was given my Spalding Whites as peachicks and I was told they were regular whites, so I do not know much about their parents and how much green blood they have in them. I figure they are low % Spalding Whites. Unlike normal whites, these birds have yellow on their face, and a tighter crest. Since mine do not have much green blood they are not taller than regular whites. If anyone thinks they are not Spaldings, please tell me. The peacock has the least amount of yellow on his face (it is barely there), while the peahen has more. I did not plan on having any Spalding peafowl because I do not like what hybrids are doing to the gene pool, but I still love these birds because I hand raised them.

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